13. lutego w Chicago odbyła się premiera nowego modelu Indian® Chief Dark Horse®.
Motocykl będzie dostępny w polskiej sieci dealerskiej latem br.
Dark Horse bazuje na platformie Indian Chief. Dostojny Indian Chief Classic stał się mrocznym Dark Horse. Ukryty za czarnym matowym lakierem, wyzwala jeszcze więcej emocji. Każdy na niego zwróci uwagę. Siła, moc i piękno w czystej formie.

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Newest model on Indian Chief platform brings style to Indian Motorcycle line-up

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — February 13, 2015 — Indian Motorcycle®, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced the newest and edgiest member of the Indian Chief line-up and the first 2016 model — the Indian® Chief Dark Horse®.

The Indian Chief Dark Horse is a cruiser built upon the successful and award-winning Indian Chief platform. Unlike other bikes in the Indian Motorcycle line-up, it is understated with only a flash of chrome and adds a healthy dose of matte black paint to create one of the most confident silhouettes on the market. By all but eliminating chrome from the motorcycle and swapping to cast wheels, the Dark Horse conveys an aggressive pose, and being the lightest in the series, is the quickest model in the Chief family.

Striking an ideal balance of attitude and features, the 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse delivers the style, quality and power expected from an Indian Motorcycle, with a price point set to tempt riders to the dark-side. The Dark Horse conveys a bold attitude that demands attention for all the right reasons.

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